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Maxiband 500

MAXIBAND 500 is the brand new Maxima band saw, particularly suitable for cellular concrete and bricks with maximum ROH1 density.
The generously sized rotation pulleys ensure an excellent useful life of the band saw. The direct band traction reduces maintenance. The large opening in the lower housing on the bench allows the waste to pass easily, avoiding blockages. The automatic band tensioning device ensures the ideal constant tension and perfect cutting precision, also reducing the risk of band breakage. The rapid cutting bench closing device allows the bench to open in a single operation, and the band can be replaced very quickly. The MAXIBAND 500 switches off automatically, preventing band overload so that the band is in operation only when it is effectively cutting. The wheels make the MAXIBAND 500 easy to handle by just one person. MAXIBAND 500 is equipped with an hour counter.


Caromax 1800

made in EU  - certificate CE The best selling dry coring machine on the Italian market, the CAROMAX 1800 combines micro-vibrations with an 1800 W power output, making it the highest performing on the market. The maximum certified capacity is the 205 mm diameter core bit. Suitable for any use in both construction and plumbing works, it comes with a M18 chuck though optional accessories are available to allow the user to mount the dust vacuum kit later on. The dual mechanical and electronic clutch guarantees extremely safe machining for even less skilled users, extending the machine life. Mounting Maxima diamond core bits, the coring machine is suitable for dry coring reinforced concrete.       TECHNICAL FEATURES Absorbed Power: 1800 W - 230 V Fitting:M18 Max Drilling Diameter: 205 mm Mechanical Clutch: Yes Torque: 19 Nm Electronic Clutch: Yes Micropercussion: 33.000 stokes /Min at 0.1 Joule Supplied with: Coring Machine and Accessories Case  No-load speed: 1650 rpm Weight: 5,2 Kg


Caromax 800

made in EU  - certificate CE Caromax 800 is a modern coring machine, today the only one on the market, designed to meet the everyday needs of installers and layers working with increasingly harder and more fragile ceramic materials. With a rotational speed of 6400 rpm, water cooling, an electronic speed selector and a range of core bits designed specifically, Laser Gold Stoneware, Caromax 800 guarantees the user constant safety when drilling up to 68 mm diameters without cracks or chips on any kind of laying material, including stoneware, kerlite, granite, marble, klinker, glass mosaic and many others. The pack includes 3 core bits, diameters 6, 8, 10 mm, 3 quick adapters and the centring and water collection kit.   MATERIAL THICKNESS SPEED GRES 12 MM 7 SEC GRANITE 20 MM 9 SEC GLASS MOSAIC 5 MM 5 SEC               TECHNICAL FEATURES Absorbed power: 800 W - 230 V Water tank capacity: 1 L Max Drilling Diameter: 68 mm Button to control the flow of water 2 No load speed: 1 - 3600 rpm Drilling capacity: 20 - 68 mm 2 - 6400 rpm Drilling capacity: 6 - 20 mm Max depth 60 mm Supplied [...]


Caromax 1600 Wet

made in EU  - certificate CE The CAROMAX 1600 WET is the electrotool suited for drilling for bolt anchoring. The high rotational speed (9500 rpm idle and 6500 rpm under stress) is the ideal balance between weight and motor torque, making the CAROMAX 1600 a sturdy, precise machine with incomparable penetration speed. Ideal for drilling from diameter 10 to diameter 32 and for the typical drilling operations of the chemical and structural fixings world, without vibrations and usable in extreme conditions, it can also easily cut highly-reinforced concrete and stones, as well as traditional construction materials.       TECHNICAL FEATURES Absorbed Power: 1600 W - 230 V No-load speed: 9500 rpm Torque: 1.6 Nm Drilling Capacity: 10 - 32 mm Max Drilling Diameter on Column: 60 mm Integrated PRCD Switch Max Drilling Diameter by hand: 32 mm Water Flow: 0.3/0.5 L / Min Mechanical Clutch: Yes - Electronic Clutch: Yes Supplied with: Coring Machine and Accessories Case Fitting: 1/2 Gas and 1”/4 Weight:6 Kg  



Diamond tools and equipment for cutting

For the most demanding professionals Maxima provides the widest range of diamond tools for cutting. This includes universal turbo blades with continuous crown, universal segmented laser blades to be used on grinders, table saws and cut-off saws, diamond blades for ceramic to be used on each type of electric construction machinery, specific diamond blades for the cutting of asphalt, cement, refractories, porphyry, marble and granite, and also grinding cups both for universal and specific use as well as in stone sector. To complete this wide range we have our construction machineries: floor saws, wall chasers, grinding machines, construction table saws, rammers.
All our machines are CE marked and they are produced in EU .

Diamond tools and equipment for drilling

For the most demanding professionals Maxima provides the widest range of diamond tools for drilling. This includes dry diamond core bits to be used on hand held coring machines, and also wet diamond core bits to be used on stand guided coring machines with a comprehensive choice of lengths and diameters, until the continuous drilling over 2 meters. We also offer a wide choice of electric coring machines with power up to 5200W, for dry drilling and dust suction, as well as wet drilling with professional drill stands.
All our machines are CE marked and they are produced in EU .



MAXIRENT: another great innovation from Maxima

It is plain that the modern market is characterized by great changes: lack of investments, poor access to credit, lack of prospects. MAXIRENT is an answer to such new needs, it’s basically the rental of cutting and drilling systems – it has been developed by Maxima together with the retailers selected among its distribution system – allowing a constant rental service in complete accordance with these new needs.

Maxima S.p.A. renews the partnership with the U.S. Sassuolo

We are proud to announce the renewal for the fifth year of the partnership with the U.S. Sassuolo Calcio. A particularly happy union due to the fact that the two realities are linked by common ideals and ambitions

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